A Chronicle of Faltering Heroes


Design a film festival with multiple deliverables including printed books, poster, packaging, website, motion graphics, environmental graphics, and products. The project objectives are to deliver a complex set of materials that function together as a whole.



A Chronicle of Faltering Heroes is presented as the first Zack Snyder film festival in California. Snyder's movies are involved with heroes and inspired by comic books. A Chronicle of Faltering Heroes tells a story of a group of heroes who fight, struggle, die or survive in their battles. The visuals of the festival resemble noir graphic novel styles. I use strong contrasting colors including black, white, blue and red. Also, I add a grunge texture along with brush strokes to emphasize the heroes' struggles. 






Identity, Printing, Packaging, Motion Graphics, Visual Systems, Art Direction, Editorial, Environmental Design


Type of project

Logo, DVD Package, Catalog, Stationery, Packaging, Poster, Website, Flying logo

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