Mistakes Matter


Thesis development focused on one chosen topic, creating a visual design system and delivering the possible solution for the selected problem in the topic area.


The thesis topic is fear of failure. People have a negative attitude towards failure leading to an unwillingness to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. They want to avoid making mistakes. My target audience is young creatives. I wanted to help my target audience cope with their failures and encourage them to keep on trying. According to my research, men and women recover from failure differently. For women, I designed a website that includes a web board for asking questions and interacting, as well as inspiring articles, and a mini survey to help users know their anxiety level and suggest how to reduce it. For men, I designed an escape puzzle game app that incorporates the idea of looking for possible opportunities. The app scores how users deal with problems and make suggestions on how to improve.






Visual Systems, Identity, User Interface


Type of project

Brand Guide, Website, App, Poster

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